Sharing & Caring

Arlene R. Ten Eyck


First, the Nominating Committee wishes to express appreciation to the RIM members who are willing to be officers for the coming yeaar.

Many thanks to Mona Blais, who in addition to being LocSec, became a certified proctor and has been testing and training other Ms. She told me she was grateful for the help she got from the National Office and Dave Fox (Proctor Coordinator for Boston Mensa.) In December, Margie graciously agreed to fill in the vacancy for Executive Officer in addition to her job as Webmaster. After several years as Treasurer, Jack Coughlin decided he would not continue. We thank him for his contributions. Our gratitude to Joan Markert for her willingness to be the next Treasurer and for her support in so many ways. Carol Pawlak generously agreed to fill the newly vacant post of Proctor Coordinator, and has been busy testing and computorizing information about potential members in addition to her duties as Membership Chair. Wow!

Also Hats off to our darling new member, Denise Cannon who volunteered to develop programs for young adults. Her new title, Young Adult Program Coordinator. Many thanks to Editor, Tom Gannon, who in addition to keeping us informed on a variety of topics, managed to get the newsletter delivered to the publisher (me) in a timely way. My appretiation to Marilyn Baker who supplies me with newspaper clippings (I don't get the daily papter). Our thanks to Peter H. Ten Eyck who always comes through when we need him.

It looks as if we are going to have a great year. Membership in our joke club is growing. We appreciate all the contributions. By the way, the Sunshine Committee now has four angels. We do want to thank all of you whether it has been to host programs, attend activities, write columns, or just continue your membership in R.I.Mensa.

Several of us have read Dolores Riccio's book, SPIRIT: very enjoyable. Good news, Keen James is now driving. Wish he could bottle his courage and good humor following his stroke. If you enjoy Spoonerisms find his new book, STOOPNAGLE'S TALE IS TWISTED. Great fun and endorsed by famous M. Richard Lederer. Last but not least, many thanks for the support I received during my recent illness.

Best wishes.
Arlene and her 4 angels