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Recently I received an e-mail letter from a Mensan who had decided not to renew her membership. In addition to telling me why she was not renewing, she asked me a lot of questions. After trying to decide what to write, I decided to call her on the telephone. "Sally" had written that she was very shy and "uncomfortable about just popping in at one of your meetings." We had a very pleasant and fun conversation. Her comments are still on my mind and it occurrd to me that maybe some of you would like to know more about our group, particularly new members.

Nowadays it seems as if people are busier and working harder than ever. How nice to be able to join a group of bright people who mostly like to get together for an evening of conversation in an atmosphere where people can be themselves. Little attention is made to one's age, religion, political party or education. Dress is very casual. If you are shy, feel free to bring someone with you. Your guest does not have to be a Mensan.

Question: "What kind of discussion predominates at your meetings?" Anything and everything. It depends on whom you sit next to. In a group larger than 6 usually there are several conversations going on at the same time. If you want more information call one of the Board Members in your area. Or let us know you plan to attend an event and we will try to make your visit a comfortable and interesting one. Ages range from 30 to 84 (with an occasional very young person).

In addition to our popular dine-outs, we keep trying to present a variety of activities. Attempting to please and entertain over 200 very different individuals is no easy task. We encourage members to host activities such as games nights, boat trips, movies, apple picking, cookouts, house parties, etc. Our reading group usually has about 5 or 6 participants. About 10 of us make up the theater group (including some Boston Ms).

There has been some discussion about reviving a lecture or Speaker's Evening. So far most Ms seem to prefer a dinner meeting. We need some feedback from anyone interested. Program Chr. Denise Cannon has had some very innovative programs for the 20-35 yr.old M's. Please give her your support. If nothing is going on in your immediate area, give us a call (or e-mail). Maybe we can help you plan an event.

By the way, the Post Office does not forward 3rd class mail. Be sure to let the National Office know your new address and please update your e-mail addresses promptly. Well, I guess I have covered all of "Sally's" questions. Now for some membership news.

RIM Contributors to the National Bulletin: Oscar D., Bob Gg, Alan W.; and in LocSec, Tom G. and David G. Letters to the Editor (Prov. Journal): Keen J. and Bob B.

Interesting trips: Denise C. vacationed in New Orleans, LA. Joan M. attended the AG in Arizona and took a side trip to the Grand Canyon. Marilyn B. participated (sang) in an Elder Hostel Bach Festival in Virginia; Marilyn also was selected as an Extra for an upcoming movie being filmed in Providence. Michael H. attended two RIM events while while visiting his parents in RI and then left for a stay in Argentina. Myrna L. recently enjoyed the sights of Italy. Former member John L. is now President of Seniors Work, Inc. an employment agency that specializes in finding work for Rhode Islanders over the age of 50. He has a monthly column in Primetime magazine (a Senior Living Publication). Contact him at or 401/722-9675. We always are happy to hear from you.

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