Young Adult Mensans At Work

YAM coordinator Denise Cannon reports that a small group of Young Adult Mensans showed up on Saturday, June 29 to volunteer their labor for the day at a Habitat for Humanity building site on Manton Avenue in Providence. Habitat is an international organization that relies on community support to build or rehab houses for low-income families. On this day, Denise says, there was "a good deal of technical work" being done, which meant the volunteers were limited to hammering nails and toting lumber. The tricky stuff was done by a crew of professional builders who also were donating their time.

"I think that those who attended did enjoy themselves and would have liked to have been more active," Denise says. "Once things get moving on the house, there will be lots to do." If anyone wants to get involved, they can get in touch with Ann-Marie Reddy (401/831-5424); Habitat, which operates locally with only one and one-half paid positions, needs volunteers to help with such things as marketing and grant writing, as well as building.