Astrological Overview: Last Year/This Year (Myrna Lamb)


In this, my first column for 2002, I offer each of you a brief overview of the coming year and my annual piece of astrological advice. Especially after September 11, when so many innocent people lost their lives, it is all the more important to RESOLVE to get more out of life.

Astrology is a moralistic system. It asks that you use your gifts, talents and positive qualities to handle life's challenges. When the stars seem to be conspiring against you, whether youčre faced with illness, work or relationship conflicts, these gifts inherent to your sun sign, help you to deal with problems.

Within you as an Aries, you have courage, persistence and generosity. As a Taurus, you have patience, practicality and gentleness. As a Gemini, you have flexibility, intuition and curiosity. As a Cancer, you have strength, kindliness and warmth.

Within you as a Leo, you have dignity, responsibility and enthusiasm. As a Virgo, you have common sense, industriousness and modesty. As a Libra, you have sensitivity, refinement and charm. As a Scorpio, you have passion, creativity and resourcefulness.

Within you as a Sagittarius, you have optimism, open-mindedness, and bravery. As a Capricorn, you have reliability, determination and self discipline. As an Aquarius, you have idealism, humanitarianism and loyalty. As a Pisces, you have empathy, introspection and imagination.

RESOLVE to accept personal responsibility rather than to blame others. Knowing another person's sun sign, and the negative traits therein, is not an excuse to blame the other. Rather, knowing those traits in yourself is a way of understanding how you contribute to a problem. Look to yourself in an effort to improve your friendships and family ties. Aries, you can be headstrong, selfish and jealous. Taurus, you can be obstinate, lazy and materialistic. Gemini, you can be changeable, nervous and superficial. Cancer you can be moody, domineering and self-pitying.

Leo you can be intolerant, conceited and patronizing. Virgo you can be fussy, nit-picking and a worrier. Libra you can be self-indulgent, gullible and restless. Scorpio you can be jealous, vindictive and stubborn.

Sagittarius you can be tactless, edgy and irresponsible. Capricorn you can be inflexible, pessimistic and manipulative. Aquarius you can be contrary, erratic and rebellious. Pisces you can be indecisive, discontented and weak.


The year 2002 dawns with the sun in Capricorn and the moon in Leo. Jupiter, the planet of abundance is in Cancer and Saturn, the planet that represents challenges, is in Gemini. Here's an overview of your year ahead.

In the year 2002, Aries, work is stable, money constant but luck comes and goes, and anger bears no fruit, seek balance and strive for harmony. Taurus, what you want and what you need in work and family life differ and require flexibility and willingness to change. Gemini, much stays as is through July then career advancement opportunities surface and an acquaintance becomes an important friend or lover. Cancer, focus on personal style, be a bit more flamboyant, this is a year to strut your stuff and get deserved attention.

In the year 2002, Leo, your focus will be personal goals, desires and ambitions, you have an edge for success if you stay on course. Virgo, a close family member requires assistance, watch potential weight gain, your finances will stabilize if you resist urge to charge. Libra, your time will be focussed on education, children and creative endeavors, on the job a woman figures prominently. Scorpio, home and family continue demanding attention, rewards come for past good deeds and new projects involving friends surface.

In the year 2002, Sagittarius marriage and partnership will demand attention, the desire to gamble may be strong but be careful, luck will be erratic. Capricorn, work is an ongoing focus, money will be spent on the home, your emphasis will be friends and relaxation. Aquarius, siblings and cousins demand attention, real estate is featured and you will change your mind about a long standing plan. Pisces, your own goals and the needs of family clash for part of the year, you will feel free come mid-July.


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Last updated: January 27, 2002