Paws For Reflection

Betsy Burke, RVC

The weather is gorgeous. The outdoors seems to call both the pups and me as we enjoy taking strolls at both the Vanderbilt Mansion and the Mills Mansion. The pups enjoy the magnificent views of the Hudson River and I enjoy talking to people and fantasizing about actually owning this property. So, what does this have to do with Mensa? Well, it’s a stretch but I’ve noticed that many groups have outdoor events planned for the summer. Why don’t those of you who don’t attend many/any meetings consider going to one of these? It’s certainly a lot easier to talk to people when you’re outside and things are more informal. Anyhow, our advice is to try it, you might like it. Also, remember, it’s always proper to strike up a conversation with anyone who has a dog!

If you still haven’t made plans for travel, remember that the AG is going to be at the Scottsdale Princess Resort. While there are no more removes available at the resort, there are some at a less expensive resort nearby. This should be a fun AG, and when you consider what the rates are to stay at this resort normally, wow, is it a deal! Of course, it is hard to explain to non-mensans why we always seem to be going to places that are hot in the summer. Naturally, we don’t tell them it’s because we’re intelligent enough to be frugal! Check out the web site at for more details. Also, read the agenda and tell me your thoughts on various agenda items. I’d greatly appreciate your input.

If you want to stay local, remember that Binghamton has an RG in August and Mid-Hudson has one in mid-September. Plans are still being developed for a Leadership Development Workshop for Regions 1 and 2 to be held in Johnson City the weekend of September 28th.

RG in Binghamton Most Fun in Central New York August 16—18 Ithaca, NY. Karate, crafting, wine tasting! Saturday outing to the famous Moosewood Restaurant. Share books, music, videos at the Media Swap. Put your worst jokes to the test at the joke-off. Eat, drink and be merry with Mensans! Good for the body and soul!  Reg. $40 to 6/16, $45 to 7/16, $50 after. MP (3) $incl. Best Western, 1020 Ellis Hollow Rd., East Hill Plaza, Ithaca, NY 14850; 607/272-6100. SR/DR/TR/QR $89 + tax. Room rates guaranteed through 8/18; must mention Mensa. Checks payable to Most Fun RG. H, RP, DT, H/AS. Contact: Marie TenBrink, 206 Church St., North Syracuse, NY 13212-2338.