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Arlene R. Ten Eyck

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Rhode Island Mensa history 1984-1985...continued

"A people without history is not redeemed from time, for history is a pattern of timeless moments" –T.S. Eliot

1984-85 was a banner period for R.I.Mensa. Maybe it had to do with the times (or something in the air). As I reread the newsletters I recall what a lot of fun many of us had, and appreciate even more the level of participation and enthusiasm. I loved working with Editor Ann Marie M. Sometimes it seems as if we were a couple of biddies looking after our "flock." We had lots of help from others who deserve to be mentioned: Business Manager, Pam R; Communications Officer, Pam R; Editorial Staffers Ken H, Larry T, Erik W; Program Chairperson, Dorothy M; Proctor, Larry T; SIGHT Officer, Barbara F; Gifted Children Coordinator, Doug S; The Young Mensa Activities Team, Laurie T and Bob O; Area Coordinators, Rick S (Attleboro, MA) John P (Westboro, MA) and Steve P (Ashaway, RI).

The December newsletter included LocSec Arlene's column; and an announcement from young Mensans Laure and Bob telling about their future plans and reporting, "We have already organized several events including a party and a trip to King Arthur's Faire in Carver, Mass."

Ann Marie's column filled a page. She mentioned her reprint in the M'Ocean of a letter appearing in PHYSICS TODAY by RIM Geoff L (now nationally known for his scientific and literary achievements). Ann Marie thanked all those who helped with the newsletter, Peter's proofreading, Marion W's cover, and Larry and Erik's general assistance. Also mentioned was Barbara F's great day at the beach attended by Ms from 3 states. Joey and Jessica M (now college graduates) were winners in the children's division of the Sand Castle Building Contest. Nancy M and Brad S were the adult winners. Our talented Larry T was "at the piano" for the fun sing-along at Caroline S's home in Warwick. Ann Marie also notes that out of our 170 members listing their birthdays, the highest percentage 11% were born in November.

Pam R submitted a complete report on our finances. Our balance was $415.30 Dorothy M volunteered to serve as Program Chair and received unanimous approval from the Board. There was an interesting report about the Mensa visit to Dame Farm in Johnston, RI which was hosted by Andre C. "This 200 year old working farm is now a part of Snake Den State Park. Its buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. The nature trail took us through pastures and woods; 24 marker posts told us about the farm and its history."

Several fun and interesting activities were offered in December. Dave D sponsored a program entitled, "Healing Meditation". "We will discuss topics from Zen to Sheldrake to Rolfing." Doug S planned a "Beatles Bash" on Saturday Dec. 8th to mark the 4th Anniversary of John Lennon's death. "Beatle music all night. Dorothy M invited us to a Pot Luck Christmas party at her home and later in the month we were invited to share a Victorian Christmas at the Ws home (replete with antiques and art work). A trip to the La Sallette Shrine in Attleboro, MA was organized by Ken H and Pam R. Some of us car-pooled from Ken and Pam's apartment and returned there for hot cider and Christmas snacks. The Lasallette Christmas Light display is known as one of the best in the USA.

The Second Tuesday at Oliver's continued to be well attended by all ages.We were especially pleased to have so many teen-agers join us. The Board meeting was held at the TE residence. Our friend Barbar H sent a personal invitation to the CT Ms New Year's Eve Party.

Well, I've run out of space, but not things to tell you later. Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Arlene and her 4 angels