Of YAMs and Programs

Denise Cannon

As many of you know, I have spent the last few months as the Young Adult Mensan (YAM) event coordinator, and it has proven to be uplifting for me. I have had the good fortune to communicate with some very gracious people. We have had two events so far, and although we all share different interests, we have found much in common. There has been plenty of lively, intellectual (as well as not-so-intellectual) conversation, which for many is what being a Mensan is all about. In May, the group bottled the beer we brewed at Brewer’s Heavan, a Bass-like red ale, and affixed the creative labels we designed. Our beer may not be around for long, but our good memories of making it surely will.

This month, I'm excited because the YAMs will be joining Habitat for Humanity in Providence for a day. Hopefully, some of you who have not yet been to an event will be there. Please see the event listing for more information. Hope to see you soon!