Editor's Note

Tom Gannon

It occurs to me that it's been more than a year since I've thanked some of the RI Mensans who've made my task as editor easier, mainly by contributing to the newsletter. There have been times this year when I've had to scramble for space to include all the contributions­always a better problem than having to fill blank space.

Mensa may not have any opinions, but our own Alan Weiss more than makes up for this. Agree with him or no (and I do more often than not), his essays are consistently literate and readable. I also enjoy his free monthly newsletter, Balancing Act, which can be accessed via his web site at summitconsulting.com.

Myrna Lamb, radio host and writer, also has been a regular contributor to M'Ocean, often on the topic of astrology. Not everyone believes in astrology­-quite the opposite­-but I suspect some readers grant it a measure of credibility, at least enough to read about it occasionally­-especially when it concerns their own sign.

Arlene R. Ten Eyck has been tireless as chair of the Sunshine committee and also as RIM historian. I'll leave it to Arlene, and her 'angels',  to thank the many other RIMs who help the cause by hosting parties, games nights, outings, etc.

This year, some of our officers, notably LocSec Mona Blais and Membership Chair Carol Pawlak, have begun mini-columns, which I believe helps open communications between the executive committee and members. And Margie Zeller, who reproduces much of the newsletter on our RIM website (plus much more), has added a new dimension to our communications. If you haven't logged on yet, check it out at rhodeisland.us.mensa.org.

I almost forgot Betsy Burke, our Regional Vice Chair, who represents several of our local groups (in case you didn't know) on the American Mensa Committee. She's our vote on the national level and I don't know of too many other ways to communicate with the powers that be.

Last month, I wrote about how newsletter editors across the country have been complaining about not receiving sufficient funding from AMC to meet our printing and postage costs (a system-wide problem, it turned into a local spat this year at RIM). The national finance committee has proposed increasing local funding by 30¢ per member per year. While some editors have angrily denounced this as insultingly small, I think it's a step in the right direction and hope Betsy agrees, too, when the national budget is voted on shortly. If you have an opinion, please e-mail her.