Paw's For Reflection

Beware the Ides of March! Remember that March is renewal time for Mensa membership. This year you should be getting a form from the National Office on which you need to update your personal data.  Please take the time to read it, fill it in and actually remember to send it back. This form is used to keep accurate records of your address, birthday and your interests. It's also been revised to protect your privacy. 

There have been some instances where members are complaining that their own newsletter no longer has their correct address or doesn't acknowledge that they've gotten a year older. Well folks, if it isn't on this form then it aren't available to your local group. You can limit who has access to specific information if you're concerned about privacy issues but please remember that one of the purposes of Mensa is to foster an interchange of ideas between members.

The National Office has had some letters from members expressing pleasant surprise at the financial benefits of being a member. Please take the time to read about member benefits.

I'm off to Texas later today for the budget meeting. I'll report about that next month. Stay warm and healthy.

Betsy Burke with Casper & LambChop