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Arlene R. Ten Eyck, Sunshine Chair


From time to time I enjoy sharing news about R.I.M. members and some of our activities. We received lots of positive feedback and thanks for the "Oldies but Goodies" dine-out at Davenport's Restaurant. Sixteen of us had a jolly time. Several of you expressed interest in attending, but had previous commitments, so we plan to do a "repeat" in the fall. It was great seeing long-time members we haven't seen for a while–Erik Wieselquist, Myrna Lamb, Oscar Doucett and Jean Black. We were pleased and honored to have Dave Gunderlach (formerly LocSec for Norfolk, VA Mensa and Chairman of the National Intellectual Events Committee) and his wife, Joyce, join us. Maureen Gilmore attended her first RIM activity.

Denise Cannon's first Young Adults event was also a first time experience for quite a few Mensan's. As Coordinator for the Young Adults group 20-35 years of age, Denise hopes she will have the pleasure of meeting many more of you.

In the Good Thoughts Department, best wishes to Mona Blais, Cathy McGonagle, and the Gunderlachs in their new homes. Former RIM Dave Fox (now Proctor/Coordinator for Boston Mansa) writes that his wedding date is May 12th. Paula Bannister is engaged to Jay Grey (John Laurence Grey) and the wedding date is set for October 2003. Carol Pawlack's talented daughter, Christine, is graduating from Brown in May. Also in May, Nick and Virginia Agresti will celebrate their 47th Wedding Anniversary. Let us know if you can top this. To all celebrating special events in their lives, we send out best wishes.

We'd like to hear from our younger members (under 20 yoa). Please send a note about yourself or your interests, etc. to Editor Tom Gannon. Or, send in a poem or a story. We encourage new members to attend some activity. Long time events include: The Last Friday, the Book Discussion Group, the Theater Group (Barker Playhouse), Spring Brunch at Audrey's in Seekonk,MA, the Annual New Year's Eve Party at Nancy Martin's, and last but not least the Agresti's Annual Cookout in August. Number 14 is coming up. Watch for the date. Check your newsletter for other on-going events.

Several of our members are involved in musical groups.

Arthur Toegemann sent me the following e-mail address for  STONE SOUP (folk) Darren Losek's group, Cruise Control, has been playing in various clubs in the area.  See

The song "To Each His Own" keeps running through my mind. Or, as the French say, "Chacun a son gout." Keep those letters coming.

Arlene & her 4 angels