Those cards and letters . . .

Dear Fellow RIM Mensans,

Hi! I'm Dave and I'm pleased to fill in as M'Ocean editor during the remainder of Tom's term. I join Mona and you in thanking Tom for his creative work in bringing M'Ocean to our mailboxes every month for more than two years!

I've been a Mensan for 18 years (this very month, in fact). I've had the privilege of serving as Tidewater Mensa's program chair for two years and LocSec for two years. I'm married to Joyce and we have three children.

That's a bit about me. Now, about you. In a nutshell, "keep those cards and letters coming!" That is, help me out with this. Send me stuff! Many of you are already contributors to M'Ocean. If, however, you haven't yet picked up your pen, pencil or word processor and-here's the important part-have the sense that now's the time to start being more active in RIM, don't resist the temptation! Write an article, letter or whatever might be of interest to RIM members. How about sharing the secret of that great little out-of-the-way restaurant on your last vacation? (I know, then it wouldn't be a secret. But that's OK; we're among Mensans here.) How about a book review, or some original art? E-mail to