Paws For Reflection

Betsy Burke, RVC

Did you know that a storm in Chicago could keep a plane from leaving Boston and as a result you could manage to be late to a meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska? Kevin, Mensa's new National Gifted Children's Coordinator, found that out last month. Kevin attended his first AMC meeting and helped formulate some committee policies. He also spoke to a group of interested parents and the press. We're lucky to have him as our National Coordinator and Boston Mensa is fortunate to have him as a member.

The agenda for the AMC meeting had some thorny issues to work out including protecting the privacy of our young Mensans. Another resolution passed requires that members be notified if any taping or photographs are being taken at events. Again, this deals with protecting members rights to privacy. You'll also want to start saving for the 2004 AG which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My thanks to those members of Region 1 and 2 who attended the first LDW held in this region in 5 years. Those Region 1 groups represented included GNYM, Boston, MOST, MONY, Central New York Mensa, Northern New Jersey and Mid-Hudson Mensa. I'd like to thank Mary Jo for coordinating everything for us and taking care of the hospitality room, Don for his presentation, and Kevin for informing us of his plan for encouraging gifted children in local groups. Thanks to all of those who took the time to attend. I'd also like to go on record for publicly thanking Wendy for planning an LDW in the Boston area at a previous time. Unfortunately, due to some problems on my part, this event did not occur.

Have you checked out the web site at Us.Mensa.Org? I love the conundrums! Speaking of web sites (yes, that was a sly way of segueing into this topic); Jerry is no longer Region 1 webmaster. In fact, Jerry is enjoying life in California. Region 1 REALLY needs a webmaster. Any volunteers, PLEASE?

Upcoming Region 1 RG: Pilgrimage 2002 The Palindrome Year. November 22 - 24, Danvers, Mass. [For details, see calendar.]

Planning ahead?

Greater New York Mensa, April 2003

2006 AG - Orlando - August. In Zagreb, the International Board of Directors awarded the 2006 60th Anniversary Celebration to our Orlando bid.  The IBD meeting will be held in mid August in conjunction with our AG. David, who organized the 50th anniversary events in London, expects we'll get 1000 foreign attendees.

Betsy Burke & pups