Paws For Reflection

Betsy Burke, RVC

It’s difficult to write a column in September when I know it won’t be read until October. It’s even more difficult to write one when there’s an AMC meeting that will occur later this month that I’d like to report on but it hasn’t happened yet. How do columnists who regularly have to write and submit articles months in advance do this? Oh well.

Have you checked into Mensa member benefits lately? More are being added all the time. I know of one person who didn’t even switch his auto insurance (he already had GEICO) but by informing the company that he was a member of Mensa he saved more than his dues. This month some new benefits have been added including Capital for Knowledge, a program providing educational finances for all member needs for members of Mensa; Human Intelligence, a fee paid placement service for Mensa members in one of 7 major career fields (, and Choice Hotels, which gives 20% off regular rate at Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Clarion Hotels Sleep Inn and Suites, Mainstay Suites, Econolodge and Roadway Inns. To make reservations call 800/258-2847 and provide the American Mensa identification number: 008-01-827.

Have you updated your Personal Data Questionnaire lately?? If you haven’t then you can now do so at the website. Some members don’t realize that this form is used by your local group in determining what information can be printed about you locally. At least one member has complained to me that a birthday was ignored in their local newsletter. Guess what? That information was checked off as being unavailable to their local group. No, you don’t have to tell people how old you are!

A member took me to task for not thanking Dr. Salny in my last column. I believe I’ve done this previously but she certainly deserves as much thanks as we can give her. She’s given over 30 years of service to Mensa as our Supervisory Psychologist. It is through her efforts that Mensa has always adhered to strict testing procedures for membership. She’s done so much for Mensa it’s hard to list it all. She’s also a wonderful personal ambassador for us! If you ever get the opportunity to hear one of her "talks" on Dumb Things Mensans Do you’ll know why! Thanks again, Dr. Salny.

National testing day is October 19. Encourage some of your friends to take the test. Remember, an actual score is no longer given to an applicant. They are just invited to join if they qualify.

Betsy & pups