Under the Green Visor


Snowball XXIX! There wasn't as much snow at Snowball as there was here in RIM country, but Central New Jersey Mensa's Regional Gathering was loads of fun nonetheless. This was the 29th Snowball and-believe you me-those CNJ Mensans have got it down pat. A Mathematical Analysis of Romantic Love, food, stargazing, food, mismanagement of the space program, better management of personal finances, food. . .

RIM was well represented in the persons of Vic and Margie, and Dave, Joyce and Ryan.

A highlight (for this former Tidewater Mensan) was the performance by the Pungo Players of "Hoot-Out at the IQ Corral." This is the second time that Tidewater Mensa's Pungo Players have brought their bad jokes, worse puns ... and this time, SONGS! ... to Snowball.

It was a yummy weekend all around.

Local group roster is included in this issue (extra pages). The information (or lack of same) in it is based on the preferences each member has indicated to the National Office. The roster is current as of 28 February 2003.
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