Paws For Reflection

Betsy, RVC


It's difficult to write this month's column as my mind is cluttered with situations that are non-Mensa related. However, as the name of this column is Paws for Reflection, I'll ramble on about my reflections in the hopes that someone will write back to me and help ease my mind. [Betsy's e-mail address is -Ed.]

Obviously the world situation is a concern. I find it inconceivable to imagine our country going to war. The rhetoric in the newspapers and on CNN seems to be hindering my understanding of this possibility rather than helping it. I have one relative who is a pilot on an aircraft carrier in the region. Another friend is a chaplain in an army hospital that has been set up to receive victims. Right now she reports that she and the doctors are bored. They also pray that they stay bored. I'm adding my prayers as well.

Another concern is that I am now "with child." Yes, it is true that a woman who has gone through the "change" can have a child. The child is a teenager but does that really change anything? My great niece, Krista, has moved in with me. (Note-Is it great-niece or grand niece? She's my nephew's daughter.) It's been an interesting time of adjustment for both of us. Having been widowed for almost ten years, I'm used to relying on myself and making personal decisions that affect only me. Now, suddenly, I worry about homework, television, homework, SATs, ACTs, homework, high school grades, and college applications. Krista is a junior in high school this year. I also had the privilege of being her fourth grade teacher. Some of my Mensa friends were tempted to have a baby shower for me with the suggested gifts being aspirin, alcohol and a padded cell. I'm not sure who the padded cell is for.

You'll get to meet both Krista and me if you attend Greater New York's A New York State of Mind RG being held from April 25-27 at the Staten Island Hotel (718/698-5000). For further information, contact Karen.

As it's income tax time and we're reminded to plan ahead for the coming year you might want to mark your calendars for Mid-Hudson's Autumn in New York in September, Connecticut and Western Massachusetts' Mensa Autumn in October, and Boston's Pilgrimage in November. Details on these events will follow.

Betsy Burke & pups