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I really gave myself quite a project when I decided to present to you a history of R.I. Mensa, starting with my copies of the newsletter since 1978. This month covers January 1985 and is dedicated to the approximately 50 people who have been members since 1965. Each M'OCEAN cannot be completely reproduced, but the following is an attempt to give you a sense of Mensa life in the mid-eighties.

I started my Loc Sec's column (Arlene at the Oak) with the following quote: To look up and not down. To look forward and not back. To look out and not in. To lend a hand (Edward Everett Hale, 1870).

I also reported that Paul, founder of R.I.M., would be Guest of Honor at our Anniversary Celebration. Jan agreed to be Scholarship Chairperson. Andre and Barbara volunteered to represent their geographic areas.

Editor Ann Marie had many interesting and upbeat remarks in her column, EDITORIAL COMMENTS. She mentioned the famine in Ethiopia, artificial heart implants, the transplantation of a baboon's heart into a human, Geraldine Ferraro's bid for the national office of Vice President, and Ronald Regan's election as President. Many members offered to contribute a variety of materials to the M'OCEAN. Paul made a one-year commitment for a classified ad (a help to our budget). John sent in another cartoon. There was a letter from Noah, two poems from Mensan David, a quiz from Tribal Table via the Phoenix chapter, and a notice to: All Employees from Special High Intensity Training.

Program Chairperson Dorothy's report included a description of the November 17th event, a dine-out followed by a talk at Ann Marie's home given by John, Director of Corrections for the State of R.I.

From Young Adults Coordinator, Laure: "Congratulations to Joe, Roger, Patrick, and especially Bob on their performances in 'Flowers for Algernon' under the direction of Mensan Doug.."

About 40 people attended the Celebration of R.I.M.'s 20th Anniversary held at the Grist Mill in Seekonk, MA and planned by Arlene. Laure organized the Young Mensa group. Dorothy's write-up of the event appeared in the March '85 newsletter. An Executive Board and Business meeting was held following dinner at Asquino's in E. Providence. A book swap, following dinner, took place at the Last Friday get-together at the Ground Round in Providence.

It has been fun for me to remember and reflect on the high level of participation, enthusiasm, creativity, and fun of that period.

Arlene and her angels