Under the Green Visor


Test the Nation. Four RIM members got together to watch the show, which aired on the Fox network on June 9. It drew a huge audience and proved to be fun and well-done, mirroring earlier versions in the U.K. and Australia. The program aired opposite national hockey play-offs and the opening installment of "Fame." Test the Nation scored third with a 4.6/6 average for the night beating the hockey game. The show's hosts mentioned Mensa favorably many times. Mensa was represented throughout the show by Dr. G. Frank Lawlis, Mensa's supervisory psychologist. In the first seven days following the airing of Test the Nation, American Mensa sold 652 Mensa Home Tests, and the national office received 2,134 direct requests for testing information. In a typical month the national office receives requests for fewer than 400 Mensa Home Tests and about 1,800 direct requests. Are Any of Your Friends Bragging? If friends or family members are bragging about their scores on the "Test the Nation" Intelligence quiz, have them prove it by taking the Mensa admission test! Ask them to contact Lori for the next available Rhode Island test date and site.

Thanks once again to Marilyn for this month's cover snapshot.

If you've received this issue of M'Ocean and aren't a Mensa member, that means that you aren't a member yet. We're sending a copy to those to whom an offer of membership has been made. We certainly hope you'll join Mensa! And . . . if you've received this issue of M'Ocean but haven't yet renewed your (lapsed) membership, please consider this a gentle reminder to do that!

Electricity. Somewhere I read that the electricity consumed by Americans' digital readouts (y'know-those flashing green or amber numbers on your VCR, but also clock radios, etc.) exceeds the total electric consumption of Brazil.

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