Glossary of Mensa terms

It seems that every group has its lingo. Here are a few commonly used Mensa abbreviations (in no particular, especially alphabetical, order).

M: a Mensan.

FM: a female Mensan.

MM: a male Mensan.

RIM: Rhode Island Mensa. (But we include Ms in southeastern Massachusetts, too.)

ExComm: Executive Committee. The governing board of RIM-four members elected annually who meet quarterly to discuss policy, programs, procedures, problems, planning, panning, prohibitions, and practical matters. (ExComm meetings currently occur in January, April, July and October.)

LocSec: Local Secretary (a British term). President of a local group. (Mensa began in Britain; somehow we in the U.S. have stuck with the British term.)

AG: Annual Gathering. The yearly nationwide (and frequently quasi-international) Mensa convention.

RG: Regional Gathering. Weekend-long social/intellectual event put on by a (usually larger) local group, with attendees usually from a bit wider (i.e. regional) area.

AMC: American Mensa Committee. The elected board of American Mensa.

AML: American Mensa, Ltd. The incorporated name of American Mensa.

ASIE: Action Still in Effect. AMC lingo for an AMC action that has not been cancelled or superceded and is, well, still in effect.