LocSec Says

by Tom

I have been a Mensa member for over thirty years. I joined in New York City, and got involved right away with the Young Mensa group. After I moved to Baltimore, I was active in Maryland Mensa for nearly twenty years, and Mensa has always meant a great deal to me. Joanne, my wife, refers to it as my "lodge" - a good characterization. I am honored that the group has chosen me to serve as LocSec for the coming year, and happy to have a dedicated ExComm, working to maintain a high level of involvement and activity.

ALL members are welcome at the quarterly business meetings, held after the Final Friday dinner. This is not just for officers; we get great ideas from the floor.

We plan to increase our involvement with the Boston group. Being in the environs of the sixth largest local group gives us opportunities for membership growth, publicity and activities.

Rhode Island is similar to other local groups, at least those I have seen, in one respect. We have a "core group" of about 15 per cent that hosts and attends all the activities. We should broaden our range of events and get new people active, as at the wonderful new members' dinner arranged by Arlene. All of us are active in other pursuits besides Mensa, so invite your M friends to join in. If Mensa is not providing what you want - make it what you want. Let's fill that calendar!

Arlene has told me she can no longer serve as Sunshine Chair, and I have reluctantly accepted her resignation. We are seeking a member to serve in that position.

Dave, our editor, tells me that we are the first local group to go to electronic publishing via NetPost; he has been asked to write this up for InterLoc. Congratulations, Dave!