Paws for Reflection

Are you tired of reality shows on TV? I certainly am not enamored of them. I haven't been able to care about who survives the trials of trying to land a false millionaire, pick a potential mate from a group of masked men, become the latest pop star, country western star, do the stupidest feat, or eat the most revolting things imaginable. However, Mensa has become part of this world (sort of)!

On June 9th Fox TV will run a show that tests the nation's intelligence. In order to norm the test Mensa was asked to help and various individuals around the country were tested with one of Mensa's qualifying tests as well as the Fox TV test. These scores were used to norm the Fox Test. Mid-Hudson Mensa participated in this, as did Boston. I was amazed at how this worked as well as how quickly everything had to be set up and organized. It seems that whoever plans these shows had no idea what it takes to find and test individuals. You might enjoy watching this show and seeing if you qualify for Mensa!

This might be my last column as your RVC, as the results of the voting will be known this month. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me, especially the editors and loc-secs. Thanks for all you do for this organization. I hope to see many of you at the AG.

There was no column last month due to a personal health problem. I went in for my annual checkup and discovered that I needed outpatient surgery. Unfortunately it ended up being more serious than anticipated and I had to be admitted to the hospital. (Never let yourself be admitted to a hospital when someone who works there has the same name - this caused all sorts of funny problems when relatives tried to locate me and my clothing disappeared!) Thankfully all tumors turned out to be benign but I had a major scare and just haven't been able to "bounce back" yet. I missed Greater New York's RG because of this but I heard it was a successful and enjoyable gathering.

Betsy (& pups)