Paws For Reflection

Betsy, RVC

As I'm writing this I just returned from a rather stormy AMC finance committee meeting which was held at the National Office in Texas. The meeting itself was not tempestuous. In fact, I'm amazed at what is accomplished at a discussion that lasts all day Saturday and goes on until Sunday afternoon. Getting down to the meeting and returning was the stormy part. I left my home on Friday morning during a snow storm. The plane was sort of on time and I actually made it with 15 minutes to spare. The return trip was also into a snow storm. Guess you could say I was snowed under by this meeting. I'm not on this committee but I find it advantageous to attend. I've certainly learned a lot about AML finances.

Your input is really needed on two items that came up for discussion. One, of course, was MONEY (duh). Actually, it was dues. An increase will not occur this year; however, we will have one in the near future. The item that I'd like some feedback on is whether you would prefer to have a large increase at one time or a small yearly increase. By large, I'm talking five to ten dollars and small would mean one or two dollars per year. Please, these numbers are only meant as examples, so let's not panic. Hint: for those of us who like sales, this might be the time to invest in a three or five year dues payment plan. That would save you more money in the future.

Another topic that needs some discussion is the Bulletin. Should Mensa be actively seeking more advertisements? This would certainly add some income but it would change the magazine significantly. What's your opinion on this? Would you like more color, more letters, less letters, more regular articles or what? Please let me know. In order to truly express your views I have to know what they are!

Speaking of finances... Remember April 15th. If you need to de-stress and relax after doing your income tax consider attending Greater New York Mensa's A New York State of Mind being held from April 25- 27 at the Staten Island Hotel (718/698-5000). Room rates are only $99, which is a bargain in New York City. Registration is $55 until the end of this month.                                                 

Betsy & pups