LocSec Says


"What's up with the AMC proxies?"

All Mensa members will hear soon from the AMC, in regard to a proxy vote on a motion to bring the language of AML's incorporation papers into line with the languages of our Bylaws. To do this, approximately 23,000 (twenty-three thousand) members of American Mensa must cast ballots, in person or by proxy, with a majority approving the motion.

I urge you all to pay attention. In this case, doing nothing is not enough! Mensa needs you to vote at the annual meeting in 2004 or send in a proxy on this issue.

This is a legal technicality, but it must be done to keep us legal as a not-for-profit corporation. Essentially, if this measure does not pass, we have to keep voting until it does....or fix the problem some other, maybe more expensive, way.

Let us fix this legal glitch as easily as possible. Sign and return that proxy when you receive it.