Under the Green Visor

Dave Gunderlach, Editor

Wedding bells rang on Saturday, Oct. 11 as Jay and Paula tied the knot at Quonset Point. Heartiest M-Congratulations to Jay and Paula!

Mensan actor/artist/writer James recently had a speaking role in the film The Sandpiper. The movie is a romantic comedy about two teenage boys who are interested in the same girl. The only catch is they have to date the girl at the same time. The film was shot on Cape Cod; the scene in which Mr. Kelley performed was shot at Cape Cod Community College. The film is directed by Claudia Carey, who worked on the feature film Cabin Fever. Ms. Carey told James that he did excellent work and that she plans to use him in another scene.

We thank David of Tidewater Mensa for sharing Word Squares with us over the past year. Beginning this month we get them from a new source-Yours Truly. Or you, dear Reader, could try your hand as well. Give it a go, and send me a WS or two!

Overheard in a chain bookstore: "Why do all these bookstores have 'self-help' sections? What they need is 'other-help' sections. I'm not the one who needs help!"