Under the Green Visor

This month's Executive Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 15 following the "Third Wednesday" gathering at Chelo's instead of Oct. 31 at "Last Friday" at Eileen Darling's. Please note the date and venue change.

Charmed Circle, another tale of mystery/suspense by RI Mensan Dolores, will be available in November. It is a sequel to Circle of Five (see May M'Ocean). Those who have read Circle of Five will find a new character-a teenage girl who wants to join Wicca. Dolores's books, whether on the culinary arts or haunted houses, are always fun to read.

We have another event with our neighbors, Boston Mensa, this month. See "Rehoboth Skies" in events.

Deadline. I've moved the deadline to the 10th of each month instead of the 15th to adapt to the added postal delivery time of NetPost's mailing from New York City instead of from Providence.

'Tis the season . . . no, not for jolly old St. Nick but for jolly old Regional Gatherings-three of 'em coming up, right in our region!

National Testing Day (NTD) is Saturday, October 18. We are always seeking new members, so encourage your friends to try out! And what about you? (Yes, you!) Consider becoming a proctor. A good part of our membership has the credentials to 'fast track' to proctor status. The more proctors we have, the more testing seats we can offer. (Don't forget-Mensa at the local level is all volunteers!)

Here's RI Mensa's upcoming testing schedule, including NTD:

Homemade window cleaner - all-purpose cleaner, really. Works as well as "store bought."

cup sudsy ammonia (an extra cup won't hurt)
1 pt common 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol
1 tsp liquid dishwashing detergent
enough water to make 1 gallon