What's Cooking in Region 1

September is here and already the days are getting cooler. I got to see Mother Nature up close and personal at Mid-Hudson Mensa's Animal Kingdom RG. For 16 years this group has held their gathering at a beautiful nature preserve in the Catskills. The food was superb and bounteous - cooked by a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef. Our Saturday night speaker, Dr. Uldis Roze, a mammalogy professor from Queens College, spoke about porcupines. This prickly topic had us totally enthralled! Kudos to all of the Mid-Hudson RG team for putting on a wonderful weekend!

From September 18th - 21st I will be in Arlington, Texas, where an AMC (American Mensa Committee, Mensa's board of directors) meeting will be held. We RVCs will get to meet Mensa's national office staff, and of course, attend back to back meetings. I'll have a report next month. Unfortunately I get to miss two local events: the annual International Coastal Cleanup, coordinated by the American Littoral Society (www.als.org). For those of you who live near coastal waters, this is an excellent opportunity to get involved in a worthwhile environmental project. The other is the visit of the Dalai Lama to New York City. When he last spoke in Central Park four years ago, the first words he said were: "The purpose of life is to be happy." Too often we forget this simple but essential point.

In the Answered Prayers Department, a big thank you goes to Father William Loring of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Mensa, for agreeing to be Region 1's Scholarship Chair. After participating local groups select their finalists, there is more judging on a regional level. Fr. Bill is looking for volunteers who would be interested in reading and judging the regional essays.

The Region 1 website (http://region1.us.mensa.org/) has been up for a month, with a new design. You can find Region 1 news, my past articles and recipes (with pictures!), and ... well go there and find out for yourself.

A lot of people comment on my high energy level. I like to think that besides good health, credit should be given to its foundation - a good breakfast. Scientists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Taking in a good protein, carbohydrate and fat source can get anyone off to a good start. Blood-sugar levels stay stabile and there is a steady four- to six-hour energy boost. Here's how I usually start:


[optional substitutes]

* 16 oz. water [nonfat milk or 1% milk: 16 g. protein;12 g. carbos;160 calories]
* 1 scoop soy protein powder (available in health food stores): 25 g. protein, 1 g. fat; 80 calories
* 1 Tbl. lecithin granules: 4 g. fat; 60 calories [1 Tbl. flaxseed oil: 14 g. fat; 130 calories]
* 1 cup raw fruit, fresh or frozen (bananas and strawberries are great): approx. 25 g. carbs; 55-150 calories
* dash of cinnamon, nutmeg

Place in a blender and whirl 30 - 45 seconds. Instant Energy!!!!