Under the Green Visor

Next month's Executive Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 15 following the "Third Wednesday" gathering at Chelo's instead of Oct. 31 at "Last Friday" at Eileen Darling's.

Please note the date and venue change.

Thanks to Sandy for this month's cover snapshot.

RIM events are beginning to pick up again, now that we've turned the corner past Labor Day. In addition to our recurring events, we've added Brunch 'n' Games, and we also are heading to the historic Redwood Library in Newport!

Prospective members. If you've received this issue of M'Ocean and aren't a Mensa member, that simply means that you aren't a member yet. We're sending a copy of M'Ocean to those to whom an offer of membership has been made. We hope you'll attend one of our events and get to know us-and then join Mensa!

Speaking of sending . . . We're participating in the annual Newsletter Exchange, sending M'Ocean to all 130 or so local Mensa newsletter editors. Greetings from the Ocean State!

Deadline. I've moved the deadline to the 10th of each month instead of the 15th to adapt to the added postal delivery time of NetPost's mailing from New York City instead of from Providence.

Late fees. Somewhere I read that the video rental industry makes almost half (mid-40% range) of its profits from late fees.