Under the Green Visor


M'Ocean by e-mail? Now that we've 'gone electronic' by using the Postal Service's document preparation service for printing and mailing each month's M'Ocean, we'd like to take the second step-sending the M'Ocean to you electronically via e-mail. That would, of course, save part of a tree; in addition, the electronic M'Ocean would get to you a bit earlier. It would come in a pdf file, easily readable with free software downloaded from the Internet. If you'd like to replace your paper M'Ocean with the electronic version, please drop me a note at editor@rhodeisland.us.mensa.org.

Did you see LocSec Tom's letter in the January Bulletin? (It's on pp. 4-5.)

Picture this! Any subject of your choosing! Please share your photos with me, so I can use them on M'Ocean's cover.

It's that time again! No, not taxes yet-Mensa membership renewal! By the time you read this you'll have received your membership renewal letter in the mail (unless you're a multi-year or life member). So don't procrastinate; renew!

ProxyQuest - As of January 19, 11,599 proxies have been received to amend American Mensa's Certificate of Incorporation. That's 48% of the necessary 24,000. Only 25.2% of RIM members (67 of 266) have registered their proxies. C'mon, gang!!! A call to 1-877-MYPROXY (1-877-697-7699) or a visit to http://www.us.mensa.org/ will do the trick!

I read somewhere recently that the total tension on a Steinway concert grand piano tuned to A=440 is almost 23 tons (the equivalent of thirteen medium-size cars dangled end to end)!