Under the Green Visor


Happy New Year! We welcome once again two of our own, Alan and Paula, to our pages this month.

Trivia discovery! Yep, your fellow RIM members who attend the Third Wednesday get-together at Chelo's have discovered that Chelo's has the NTN Trivia game. If you're a fan of trivia, that's another reason to come on out to the Third Wednesday event.

Don't forget that the regular quarterly meeting of the Executive Committee (ExComm) takes place at the "Last Friday" event this month-on Jan. 30. Please see RIM Events.

I read recently that on an average night, more than 100 million pieces of interplanetary debris enter Earth's atmosphere.

LocSec says:

After doing yeoman service for many years as the host of our Final Friday, Larry wants to step down as host. While I know we will all miss him in that job, he's entitled to a break. This was the first RIM event I attended when I came to Rhode Island, and I know everyone joins me in thanking Larry for his long service! As Program Coordinator, Denise has agreed to assume this responsibility until a new host steps forward.

Rhode Island Mensa is entitled to a representative on the National Nominating Committee. This committee will nominate candidates for the upcoming AML elections. If you are interested in serving, please contact me.

Good news - as of December 16, National Mensa has 39% of the proxies required to resolve the legal problems with our corporate voting issue. Rhode Island's "share" would be 131 proxies. We have 60, which is 45%! To you who sent in your proxies, good work! To the rest of you, go to www.us.mensa.org and click on ProxyQuest! Have your membership number and password ready, OR sign and mail in that postage-paid card in your Mensa Bulletin. Every one of you counts!

Thank you from your LocSec,