What's Cooking in Region 1

As I write this, snow flurries whirl about outside and New York City is enrobed in a beautiful white coat. Yesterday evening I went ice skating in a Central Park that looked like a fairy tale setting. What a winter wonderland!

Two weeks ago I spent a fantastic weekend at Boston Mensa's Pilgrimage RG. Kudos to all for a well-run, fun and interesting gathering! Special mention should be given to Rick, who orchestrated Hospitality to Olympian heights, and Lisa, Registrar Extraordinaire. (See some photos at Region 1's website: http//region1.us.mensa.org/boston2003.html). I learned why galaxies form a spiral shape from Dr. Harry R, who used Einstein's relativity equations to posit galaxy formation. "Doc Harry" is the 2003 winner of Mensa's Copper Black Award, given to Mensans (he's from Mensa of Northeast New York) who have made significant scientific accomplishments.


Are you executive material? Looking for a mentor? Would you like to learn how to prepare yourself for holding office in (and outside of) Mensa? A Leadership Development Workshop will be held 2-4 April 2004, hosted by Connecticut & Western Massachusetts Mensa. I would like at least two members from each group to attend this important event. RVC funds can be made available for those with limited finances. More info next month.

Getting There is (Not) Half the Fun

I have traveled to about a half dozen Mensa gatherings this year, with varying degrees of ease. I do not drive. Public transportation is how I get from here to there. I rely on the travel instructions included (or not) in the event announcement. This has proven to be frustrating (locations that were nowhere near public transportation) and dangerous (inaccurate directions had me crossing a 6-lane highway at night). When planning an event, it helps to try to include the widest possible audience. Offer several methods of travel; don't assume everyone knows the area. Ask hotel staff and locals for routes, and then have someone actually follow them. If a location is accessible to only those with cars, then think about including car pooling in the event invitation. The easier it is to get somewhere, the more people will go. Attendance numbers will increase! New faces will appear!

Proxy Talk

If you haven't yet voted, please do so. There is a postcard insert in the December Bulletin, and you can vote online at http://proxy.us.mensa.org.

In chronological order: Happy Hanukkah, Good Yule, Merry Christmas, Auld Lang Syne and best wishes for 2004! Here's a Swedish answer to cold weather:


1 ˝ cups red wine
1 ˝ cups port
1 ˝ cups vodka
6 pods green cardamom
4 cloves
Orange peel (from 1 orange)
1-2 sticks cinnamon

Combine in a non-reactive pot. Gently warm, without boiling, over low heat. Allow glögg to simmer at least 20 minutes (the longer the better). Serve with a few shaved almonds and brown raisins.