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Rhode Island Mensa's
Fact sheet for parents of gifted children

In March of 2007 IMprint, the Newsletter of Northern New Jersey Mensa,
published an article by Kathe Oliver entitled Giftedness and Children.

To read this article, please click here.

American Mensa Gifted Children Web Site

American Mensa offers a variety of activities for its members, many of which are suitable for gifted children (GC). Parents are encouraged to attend all activities and to organize appropriate events which will appeal to their child's age group, intellectual and emotional needs, and other gifted children in the group, If you or your child choose to sponsor an event, we encourage you to plan ahead so your event can be listed in the monthly calendar.

Many parents ask how they can have their child tested. Mensa does not test anyone under the age of 14 (fourteen), but, children as young as 4 (four) can join. If he/she is currently enrolled in classes for the gifted or advanced placement, chances are good they have been tested by their school district. Usually, test scores can be obtained by you for the purpose of qualifying for Mensa through "prior evidence".

Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Currently there are over 170 SIGS open to members of Mensa. Many are suitable for GC. Subscription fees vary, but are generally modest. Parents are encouraged to participate in the selection of SIGS for their child.

To contact American Mensa:

American Mensa, Ltd.
1315 Brookside Drive
Hurst, Texas 76053
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